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A simple way to create a pleasurable and fragrant space. Add a few drops of this fragrance oil in a lamp ring, simmering pot, potpourri or oil warmer to scent living spaces with a lovely aroma. .33 oz / 10ml

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Orange & Honey Pomegranate

Enjoy the soothing aroma of rich, citrus accented with a sweet honey nectar.

Juicy pomegranates with hints of green apple add a unique twist to a delightful fragrance.
Radiant Waters Raspberry Lemonade

Effervescent layers of fresh green sparkle fuse with cool spearmint and eucalyptus, which blends into a transparent floral.

Sun ripened raspberries are perfectly paired with fresh lemons to create a revitalizing fragrance.
River Mist Roses

On an earthy bed of moss, amber woods, and musk, a watery blend of wet greens, with citrus and apple, flows into notes of lavender, spice, and muguet.

Our delicate roses will permeate your home with soft aroma.
Seaspray Silver Spruce

Capture the fragrance of fresh air coming off the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.

Fresh wintery aroma of crisp Siberian Fir and cedarwood, softened with sandalwood
Snow Flowers Sugar Berry

Snow Flowers boasts an unexpected combination of bright florals, crisp newly fallen snow and a dash of citrus for a truly unique twist on tradition.

A tempting dessert of juicy red berries, plums, apples, and pears, sweetened with caramelized sugar and syrup on a layer of vanilla, tonka, and sweet musk..
Trellis™ Tuscan Vineyard

Trellis™ is a classic oriental floral fragrance of warmth and innocence with a base of amber, birchwood and patchouli, and includes notes

The sophisticated full-bodied blend of sparkling grapes in Tuscany.
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